Custom System Emails For Branding Control & Up-Sell Opportunity

We are excited to release the first phase of custom system emails (sometimes referred to as transactional emails), starting with the order receipt and shipping notification emails. It’s now easy to add a company logo, and customize the fonts, colors and message copy. Setting up a fully branded system email should take no more than a few minutes.

Custom System Emails

Since customers are eager to receive order receipt and shipping notification emails, the typical open rate can exceed 70%, or many times the open rate of any other email! These transactional emails are the perfect opportunity to up-sell active customers or enable them to promote your store via word of mouth. So, we’ve made it easy to incorporate coupons into the system emails that can be used by the customer or shared with family and friends!

To customize your system emails, go to Manage > Settings > System Emails in the global navigation menu.

* Custom Emails are only available to customers with a Premium or Enterprise Plan.

Alternate Thumbnail Display For Quick Browsing

Displaying alternate images when a customer hovers over a product can lead to higher click-through rates, and in turn conversions, particularly when there are different product angles or color options for the consumer to browse through quickly as they are shopping.

Alternate Thumbnails

To activate alternate thumbnail display on hover, click on a product listing module with the Content tab of the Design Panel selected and check the ‘Cycle images’ option under Thumbnail Hover. You can choose to have the images display in a continuous loop, and set the number of image thumbnails to cycle through.

Additional Cart Icon & Pagination Choices To Fit Your Style

In case our standard cart icon doesn’t quite fit your style, we’ve added 5 additional options – 2 more cart icons and 3 shopping bags.

Cart Icons

Similarly, we’ve added 5 new pagination display options.


Checkout Experience and Advanced Product Filters

Checkout Experience

The checkout experience is among the most critical factors to e-commerce success. Incorporating key learnings from several prominent checkout usability studies, we are very excited to release the first phase of a broad checkout experience upgrade to all Goodsie stores designed to provide a more optimized and streamlined checkout flow. The updates make the checkout process quicker, more automated, less error prone and easier for shoppers to understand.

The main upgrades to the checkout flow, which have been automatically activated for all Goodsie stores, include:

  1. Address lookup and automated address entry powered by Google Maps
  2. Automatic credit card type recognition (e.g. Visa vs. Mastercard vs. Amex) and associated credit card entry form styling
  3. An order summary on the checkout page
  4. Smart data entry to prevent redundancy

Checkout Annotated

Advanced Product Filters

For retailers with a large or diverse product catalog, we are pleased to introduce a new product filtering system designed to improve the browsing experience for shoppers. Using the new system, advanced filters can be created using ‘collections’, which are groupings of products based on either product options (e.g. size, color) or categories (e.g. brand, type). The filters make it significantly quicker and easier for shoppers to narrow down their available choices and find the right products.

Filter Collections

Advanced Filters

There must be at least one collection to activate advanced product filters. To create a collection, click on the Collection link in Goodsie’s global navigation menu under Manage > Products. After creating collections, advanced product filters can be activated on any page with products by clicking on the product listing grid with the Content tab of the Design Panel open, as shown below.

Advanced Filters Setup

Central Category Management & New Form Functionality

Centralized Category Management

Since categories are used in a wide variety of ways within Goodsie, working with a lot of them can quickly become cumbersome, even with the existing batch editing functionality.


To simplify category management, we’re introducing a centralized category system that makes it easy to add, delete, rename and merge categories.


The new category management system can be accessed by clicking on Categories in the Manage menu of the Global Navigation, right below Products.

New Ways to Use Forms


In order to address an even wider variety of use cases, Forms now support drop-down menus, radio buttons, multi-select checkboxes, file uploads and more powerful delivery date and time window functionality. Additionally, Forms can now be displayed anywhere on a site, rather than being tied directly to the product detail page or checkout flow. Drop-downs, radio buttons and date window functionality are pictured below.


The new form functionality can be accessed by clicking on Forms in the Manage menu of the Global Navigation, right above Orders.

As always, if you have any feedback or need help with the new category management and forms functionality, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

New Features: Related Products and Original Aspect Ratio Product Images

Original Aspect Ratio Product Images

To improve the quality and flexibility of our product image handling, Goodsie will now preserve the original aspect ratio (e.g. 8½ x 11 , 4 x 3, 16 x 9, etc.) of product images for display on product listing and product detail pages! Previously, all product images were cropped into squares. This update is critically important for merchants who sell products with rectangular or any non-square dimensions such as dresses and shoes.

Cropped vs. Original Aspect Ratio

unnamed (2)

We recommend using images no smaller than 820 pixels wide and, more importantly, that all images (in the same product category) have the same orientation and aspect ratio.

Cropped vs. Original Aspect Ratio

unnamed (3)

Related Products

Among our longest standing feature requests, related products (i.e. similar, recommended or suggested) are finally here! Groups can have up to 9 products each, and will display the products based on priority within the grouping.

unnamed (4)

To get started creating related product groups, click on the Related link under Products in Goodsie’s global navigation menu. After related product groups have been created, display settings such as the # of products displayed and metadata can be customized in the Product Detail > Related section of the Design Panel.

unnamed (5)

As always, if you have any questions, comments or need help with the new features, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Shipping Notifications with Tracking and Updates to Product Options & Exports

Shipping Notifications Emails

It’s now easy to send your customers shipping notification emails with delivery tracking once orders have shipped using Goodsie! Order tracking significantly improves the shopping experience and reduces customer support requests.


Once you have shipped an order, go to the order receipt and click on the Add Tracking Info button at the bottom of the receipt. This will open a modal window that allows you to pick a carrier (e.g. USPS, Fedex, UPS), enter the tracking #, and send a shipping notification with the order tracking information to your customer. Your customers will be able to click on the tracking link in the email to get delivery updates from the shipping carrier.

Product Options, Extras & Export Updates

We’ve updated the Product Options and Extras tables to support both Weight and Cost of Goods Sold (COGS). If you are using Weight-based shipping rules, you can now charge different shipping prices based on different product options and extras. The addition of COGS allows you to track gross profit at the individual product option and extra level, providing you with more granular profitability tracking and reporting for your business.


Since we’ve added Weight and COGS to the Product Options and Extras tables, we’ve made the corresponding updates to the various different Product and Statistics reports and data exports. Product Option and Extra COGS columns have been added to the Orders export, in addition to any specific coupon code that was used in the order. COGS, Gross Profit and Contribution Margin have been added to the Sales Report export. Finally, in the Product Statistics report, there is an option to get an in-depth Product Sales report which includes COGS.

New Category, Filter & Product Option Improvements

We are pleased to introduce improvements to the category, filters and product options features of Goodsie! These enhancements provide more control and flexibility over how products are merchandised by store owners and discovered by shoppers.

Create Multi-Category Product Pages With Ease


Multiple categories can now be used with AND/OR operators to create multi-category product pages.


Announcing New Features: Forms with Conditional Rules and Improved Product Options

Collect Information Using Forms With Conditional Rules

Forms are an efficient way to collect additional information from buyers during the shopping process. They are ideal for gift messaging, custom embroidering or engraving, the personalization of products like stationery and providing special instructions or a personal note to the seller.

Each form has one or more fields, and can be displayed either on the product detail page or in the checkout process. Field types include a checkbox, text and paragraph inputs and a calendar date selector. For example, in the form below, the form is being displayed on all product detail pages, and has two fields: 1) a checkbox and 2) a paragraph input.



New Features: Email Capture Lightbox

We’re pleased to introduce an email capture lightbox system to help you grow your email subscriber list!

According to e-commerce industry estimates, email marketing can generate between 10% – 30% of the average retailer’s online revenue. So as a store owner, growing your email subscriber list should be among your top priorities for generating sales.

While pop-ups can be extremely annoying, when done well, they are among the most efficient ways to convert visitors into email subscribers, and rapidly grow your subscriber list. Email capture pop-ups have been found to increase subscriber lists by 50% – 500%. Most major and emerging retailers use them.


A well executed email capture lightbox should include a headline that grabs the attention of your visitors and makes them an offer they can’t refuse (e.g. 25% off their next purchase). The headline must say exactly what the visitor is going to ‘get’ in exchange for giving you their email address. Find a way to entice your visitors with something of value worthy of their time. Creating a sense of urgency by offering some type of ‘limited offer’ is also critical. But more than anything, keep your messaging classy and on-brand. In the end, nothing beats authenticity.

Before turning on the email capture lightbox, you may want to create a special coupon (Email Capture Single-Use Codes) that can be attached to the email capture lightbox to incentivize shoppers to subscribe. New subscribers will be automatically emailed the appropriate coupon details such as the code, coupon type and expiration date (if applicable) shortly after subscribing.

The email capture lightbox can be activated on any page, like the Home page, or multiple pages of your store. In the Design Panel on the Pages tab, activate the edit page menu and turn the email capture lightbox on and off and the bottom of the page panel. Click on the preview link to edit the lighbox’s contents (e.g. headline, from address, pop-up delay, connect a coupon, success message, etc.) or change the visual formatting.


For more about the Email Capture Lightbox, a video tutorial can be found here or by clicking on the player below.

Feature Update: Inline Cart Error Messaging, Quantity Input, Matching Drop-Down Fonts and More

We are pleased to introduce a quantity input field on the product detail page, improved in-line error messaging, the Wanelo button for sharing, a choose option toggle for the product detail page and matching drop-down fonts. While these are all somewhat minor improvements, success is definitely in the details.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and successful 2014! We hope your year is off to a great start. We will have some exciting new product updates and performance improvements rolled out very soon.

Quantity Input


The new Quantity Input Field makes it much easier for buyers to add more than one of an item to their shopping cart, which hopefully will lead to more sales for you! To ensure that your Quantity Input Field has the correct spacing (margin), please watch this video which shows how to change the Margin on the Quantity Input Field and the Add to Cart button:

Inline Cart Error Messaging


The new inline cart error messaging is designed to reduce buyer confusion by making it clearer when a buyer has skipped a specific step in the purchase process. Rather than having a global message that is disconnected contextually from the specific step that requires attention, the inline error messages show exactly which field needs to be corrected by the buyer. To learn how to style the inline error messages, please watch this video:

Wanelo (‘wah-nee-loh’ from Want, Need, Love) Share Button


Wanelo (“wah-nee-loh,” from Want, Need, Love) is a community for shopping which brings together stores and products into a single social platform. You can buy almost everything you see on Wanelo, and everything is posted by users. Wanelo is a growing community of millions of people who use it to follow their favorite stores, share products and organize their shopping. We’ve made it really easy to add the Wanelo sharing button to your site, which in turn will allow shoppers to post your products to Wanelo for free. To add the Wanelo Share Button, simply click on any product detail page in your store and select Wanelo from the Social Buttons section. To watch a video about adding Wanelo, please visit:

Matching Drop-Down Fonts


In our continuing drive to ensure that your store truly looks and feels custom down to the pixel, all of the store drop downs (e.g. product options, checkout process, etc.) will inherit the store’s base layout font rather than using a standard system font. This is the type of details that can really delight and impress the buyer and distinguish a store from it’s competition. To change the font type in the drop-downs, you will need to change your store’s base font at the layout level.

Choose Title for Options


For products with options, such as different sizes or colors, it’s now possible to have the default drop-down state be more action oriented. Instead of the default state being the first option, it can now be set to Choose followed by whatever your Options Column Header is titled, such as Size or Color. Choose Size or Choose color may make it more clear for prospective buyers that they need to choose a size before they can add the product to their cart. We’ve also implemented form validation so that buyers can’t skip the step and wind up with an option they didn’t want. To learn how to turn the Choose Title for Options toggle On and Off, please visit:

New Features: Image Grids, Perfect Audience Re-Targeting and Product Meta Titles and Descriptions for SEO

We are pleased to announce the release of a flexible Image Grid Module, support for Perfect Audience re-targeting, and product meta titles and descriptions for SEO.

Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season!

Image Grid Module


The new Image Grid module is similar to the Products Module, except specifically designed to support the display of many different images. It’s ideal for product categories and Press pages or as an alternative to using the Slideshow Module anytime you want to display multiple images. It includes a lightbox option for showcasing high-resolution imagery and portfolios as well. For a quick video tutorial about the new Image Grid Module, please visit our video tutorials page.

Perfect Audience Re-Targeting


A vast majority (~ 98%) of visitors to your store leave without buying anything. Perfect Audience’s re-targeting platform makes it easy to serve targeted ads to those prospective customers on Facebook and around the web which often perform 200% – 400% better than traditional advertising. After you have created a Perfect Audience account, connect it to your Goodsie store simply by entering your Perfect Audience ID in the Plugins section of the Goodsie admin.

Product Meta Titles and Descriptions for SEO


Product meta titles and descriptions are displayed in search engine results together with each web page’s link. While they are not factored into page ranking, the meta title and description are key pieces of descriptive copy used by searchers to decide which link to click on. The meta description should use keywords intelligently, but also create a compelling description of your product that a searcher will want to click. Direct relevance to the page and uniqueness between each page’s meta description is key. Product meta title and description are available at the bottom of every individual Product / Edit page.