Custom System Emails For Branding Control & Up-Sell Opportunity

We are excited to release the first phase of custom system emails (sometimes referred to as transactional emails), starting with the order receipt and shipping notification emails. It’s now easy to add a company logo, and customize the fonts, colors and message copy. Setting up a fully branded system email should take no more than a few minutes.

Custom System Emails

Since customers are eager to receive order receipt and shipping notification emails, the typical open rate can exceed 70%, or many times the open rate of any other email! These transactional emails are the perfect opportunity to up-sell active customers or enable them to promote your store via word of mouth. So, we’ve made it easy to incorporate coupons into the system emails that can be used by the customer or shared with family and friends!

To customize your system emails, go to Manage > Settings > System Emails in the global navigation menu.

* Custom Emails are only available to customers with a Premium or Enterprise Plan.

Alternate Thumbnail Display For Quick Browsing

Displaying alternate images when a customer hovers over a product can lead to higher click-through rates, and in turn conversions, particularly when there are different product angles or color options for the consumer to browse through quickly as they are shopping.

Alternate Thumbnails

To activate alternate thumbnail display on hover, click on a product listing module with the Content tab of the Design Panel selected and check the ‘Cycle images’ option under Thumbnail Hover. You can choose to have the images display in a continuous loop, and set the number of image thumbnails to cycle through.

Additional Cart Icon & Pagination Choices To Fit Your Style

In case our standard cart icon doesn’t quite fit your style, we’ve added 5 additional options – 2 more cart icons and 3 shopping bags.

Cart Icons

Similarly, we’ve added 5 new pagination display options.