Checkout Experience and Advanced Product Filters

Checkout Experience

The checkout experience is among the most critical factors to e-commerce success. Incorporating key learnings from several prominent checkout usability studies, we are very excited to release the first phase of a broad checkout experience upgrade to all Goodsie stores designed to provide a more optimized and streamlined checkout flow. The updates make the checkout process quicker, more automated, less error prone and easier for shoppers to understand.

The main upgrades to the checkout flow, which have been automatically activated for all Goodsie stores, include:

  1. Address lookup and automated address entry powered by Google Maps
  2. Automatic credit card type recognition (e.g. Visa vs. Mastercard vs. Amex) and associated credit card entry form styling
  3. An order summary on the checkout page
  4. Smart data entry to prevent redundancy

Checkout Annotated

Advanced Product Filters

For retailers with a large or diverse product catalog, we are pleased to introduce a new product filtering system designed to improve the browsing experience for shoppers. Using the new system, advanced filters can be created using ‘collections’, which are groupings of products based on either product options (e.g. size, color) or categories (e.g. brand, type). The filters make it significantly quicker and easier for shoppers to narrow down their available choices and find the right products.

Filter Collections

Advanced Filters

There must be at least one collection to activate advanced product filters. To create a collection, click on the Collection link in Goodsie’s global navigation menu under Manage > Products. After creating collections, advanced product filters can be activated on any page with products by clicking on the product listing grid with the Content tab of the Design Panel open, as shown below.

Advanced Filters Setup