Feature Update: Inline Cart Error Messaging, Quantity Input, Matching Drop-Down Fonts and More

We are pleased to introduce a quantity input field on the product detail page, improved in-line error messaging, the Wanelo button for sharing, a choose option toggle for the product detail page and matching drop-down fonts. While these are all somewhat minor improvements, success is definitely in the details.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and successful 2014! We hope your year is off to a great start. We will have some exciting new product updates and performance improvements rolled out very soon.

Quantity Input


The new Quantity Input Field makes it much easier for buyers to add more than one of an item to their shopping cart, which hopefully will lead to more sales for you! To ensure that your Quantity Input Field has the correct spacing (margin), please watch this video which shows how to change the Margin on the Quantity Input Field and the Add to Cart button: http://clicky.me/quantity

Inline Cart Error Messaging


The new inline cart error messaging is designed to reduce buyer confusion by making it clearer when a buyer has skipped a specific step in the purchase process. Rather than having a global message that is disconnected contextually from the specific step that requires attention, the inline error messages show exactly which field needs to be corrected by the buyer. To learn how to style the inline error messages, please watch this video: http://clicky.me/errors

Wanelo (‘wah-nee-loh’ from Want, Need, Love) Share Button


Wanelo (“wah-nee-loh,” from Want, Need, Love) is a community for shopping which brings together stores and products into a single social platform. You can buy almost everything you see on Wanelo, and everything is posted by users. Wanelo is a growing community of millions of people who use it to follow their favorite stores, share products and organize their shopping. We’ve made it really easy to add the Wanelo sharing button to your site, which in turn will allow shoppers to post your products to Wanelo for free. To add the Wanelo Share Button, simply click on any product detail page in your store and select Wanelo from the Social Buttons section. To watch a video about adding Wanelo, please visit: http://clicky.me/wanelo

Matching Drop-Down Fonts


In our continuing drive to ensure that your store truly looks and feels custom down to the pixel, all of the store drop downs (e.g. product options, checkout process, etc.) will inherit the store’s base layout font rather than using a standard system font. This is the type of details that can really delight and impress the buyer and distinguish a store from it’s competition. To change the font type in the drop-downs, you will need to change your store’s base font at the layout level.

Choose Title for Options


For products with options, such as different sizes or colors, it’s now possible to have the default drop-down state be more action oriented. Instead of the default state being the first option, it can now be set to Choose followed by whatever your Options Column Header is titled, such as Size or Color. Choose Size or Choose color may make it more clear for prospective buyers that they need to choose a size before they can add the product to their cart. We’ve also implemented form validation so that buyers can’t skip the step and wind up with an option they didn’t want. To learn how to turn the Choose Title for Options toggle On and Off, please visit: http://clicky.me/choosetitle