New Category, Filter & Product Option Improvements

We are pleased to introduce improvements to the category, filters and product options features of Goodsie! These enhancements provide more control and flexibility over how products are merchandised by store owners and discovered by shoppers.

Create Multi-Category Product Pages With Ease


Multiple categories can now be used with AND/OR operators to create multi-category product pages.

Curate Categories Using Filter Drop-Down Exclusions


It’s now easy to curate the list of categories used in any product category drop-down menu. Category curation can be used to remove any categories that were not intended to be consumer facing and ensure that Filter drop-downs provide a tailored shopping experience.

Category exclusions and multiple product category pages can be created simply by clicking on a Product Listings module with the Content tab of the Design Panel active.

Include Products Without Variants in Filter-Drop Downs


For products with different options such as Size or Color, the Options table is used to display the product variants in drop-downs on the product detail page.

Now Options can be entered for products with only one item in inventory, and the Options drop-down can be hidden when there is only one product remaining.

To turn off Filter drop-downs for products without variants,
simply navigate to any product detail page, click on the Product module and select the “hide when one option is left in stock” checkbox under the Content tab.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or need help with any of the new features, please don’t hesitate to contact us at