New Feature: Improved Shipping System

Since shipping products to customers is central to almost every successful retailer’s business, we have spent the past several months listening to your feedback and improving our shipping system. We’re very pleased to introduce a new shipping interface designed to simplify the relationship and hierarchy between shipping rules, groups and now rule combinations.

Shipping rules are used for cart or product fees and now, destination and weight rules. Does your business only ship domestically? Are you restricted from shipping to a particular local? It’s now easy to whitelist and block specific shipping destinations.

Groups make it easy to set up specific shipping rules that are only applied to certain products, as opposed to all of your products. They are ideal for sellers with different products, such as furniture or jewelry, where each product type requires a specific shipping rule. It’s also now possible to copy shipping rules and move them between groups.

Combination rules determine shipping rule priority for orders with products from different groups. For sellers with multiple groups, such as furniture or apparel, it’s now possible to ship orders with different products without having to apply multiple shipping rules to a single order and overcharge customers.

Let Us Know What You Think!

We are always happy to hear feedback from the Goodsie community about new features. Contact us via our help forum or email support @ to tell us about your experience with our new shipping system.