New Features: Email Capture Lightbox

We’re pleased to introduce an email capture lightbox system to help you grow your email subscriber list!

According to e-commerce industry estimates, email marketing can generate between 10% – 30% of the average retailer’s online revenue. So as a store owner, growing your email subscriber list should be among your top priorities for generating sales.

While pop-ups can be extremely annoying, when done well, they are among the most efficient ways to convert visitors into email subscribers, and rapidly grow your subscriber list. Email capture pop-ups have been found to increase subscriber lists by 50% – 500%. Most major and emerging retailers use them.


A well executed email capture lightbox should include a headline that grabs the attention of your visitors and makes them an offer they can’t refuse (e.g. 25% off their next purchase). The headline must say exactly what the visitor is going to ‘get’ in exchange for giving you their email address. Find a way to entice your visitors with something of value worthy of their time. Creating a sense of urgency by offering some type of ‘limited offer’ is also critical. But more than anything, keep your messaging classy and on-brand. In the end, nothing beats authenticity.

Before turning on the email capture lightbox, you may want to create a special coupon (Email Capture Single-Use Codes) that can be attached to the email capture lightbox to incentivize shoppers to subscribe. New subscribers will be automatically emailed the appropriate coupon details such as the code, coupon type and expiration date (if applicable) shortly after subscribing.

The email capture lightbox can be activated on any page, like the Home page, or multiple pages of your store. In the Design Panel on the Pages tab, activate the edit page menu and turn the email capture lightbox on and off and the bottom of the page panel. Click on the preview link to edit the lighbox’s contents (e.g. headline, from address, pop-up delay, connect a coupon, success message, etc.) or change the visual formatting.


For more about the Email Capture Lightbox, a video tutorial can be found here or by clicking on the player below.