New Features: Image Grids, Perfect Audience Re-Targeting and Product Meta Titles and Descriptions for SEO

We are pleased to announce the release of a flexible Image Grid Module, support for Perfect Audience re-targeting, and product meta titles and descriptions for SEO.

Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season!

Image Grid Module


The new Image Grid module is similar to the Products Module, except specifically designed to support the display of many different images. It’s ideal for product categories and Press pages or as an alternative to using the Slideshow Module anytime you want to display multiple images. It includes a lightbox option for showcasing high-resolution imagery and portfolios as well. For a quick video tutorial about the new Image Grid Module, please visit our video tutorials page.

Perfect Audience Re-Targeting


A vast majority (~ 98%) of visitors to your store leave without buying anything. Perfect Audience’s re-targeting platform makes it easy to serve targeted ads to those prospective customers on Facebook and around the web which often perform 200% – 400% better than traditional advertising. After you have created a Perfect Audience account, connect it to your Goodsie store simply by entering your Perfect Audience ID in the Plugins section of the Goodsie admin.

Product Meta Titles and Descriptions for SEO


Product meta titles and descriptions are displayed in search engine results together with each web page’s link. While they are not factored into page ranking, the meta title and description are key pieces of descriptive copy used by searchers to decide which link to click on. The meta description should use keywords intelligently, but also create a compelling description of your product that a searcher will want to click. Direct relevance to the page and uniqueness between each page’s meta description is key. Product meta title and description are available at the bottom of every individual Product / Edit page.