New Features: Product Videos and Better Media Galleries

Product Videos

Having spent time working at Vimeo prior to Goodsie, our team has a deep appreciation for video’s immersive storytelling power as a communication medium. Video can be used to develop a uniquely rich and engaging brand narrative.

So we are pleased to introduce video support for products on Goodsie. Any video hosted on Vimeo or YouTube video can be seamlessly integrated into the product display experience simply by copying and pasting the video permalink into the products section of Goodsie.

Media Galleries

We’ve also improved the core media galleries that display product images and now video. Thumbnails are larger, the fullscreen light-boxes are sized to fit perfectly and media loads faster. The new media galleries even support swipe movements and use hardware optimized animations for ultra-smooth browsing on mobile and touch devices.


We always appreciate feedback from the Goodsie community about newly released features! Please contact us via our help forum or email support @ to tell us about your experience with the new product videos and media galleries.