New Features: Related Products and Original Aspect Ratio Product Images

Original Aspect Ratio Product Images

To improve the quality and flexibility of our product image handling, Goodsie will now preserve the original aspect ratio (e.g. 8½ x 11 , 4 x 3, 16 x 9, etc.) of product images for display on product listing and product detail pages! Previously, all product images were cropped into squares. This update is critically important for merchants who sell products with rectangular or any non-square dimensions such as dresses and shoes.

Cropped vs. Original Aspect Ratio

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We recommend using images no smaller than 820 pixels wide and, more importantly, that all images (in the same product category) have the same orientation and aspect ratio.

Cropped vs. Original Aspect Ratio

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Related Products

Among our longest standing feature requests, related products (i.e. similar, recommended or suggested) are finally here! Groups can have up to 9 products each, and will display the products based on priority within the grouping.

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To get started creating related product groups, click on the Related link under Products in Goodsie’s global navigation menu. After related product groups have been created, display settings such as the # of products displayed and metadata can be customized in the Product Detail > Related section of the Design Panel.

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As always, if you have any questions, comments or need help with the new features, please don’t hesitate to contact us at