New Features: Sales and Tax Reports, Social Links and More

We are pleased to announce the release of Social Links, Sales & Tax reports, Custom Error Pages and the option to turn the shopping cart off at the product level. As always, we welcome your feedback!

Social Links

In addition to social sharing buttons (e.g. Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet, etc.), it’s now easy to add links to all of your social profiles with the new Social links module. The icon design is classic and clean, with both black and white versions that are ideal for any type of background color or image.

The Social links module is located in the Content section of the Design Panel. Icon size and margin can be set by clicking on any icon and making sure that ‘Social Icon Image’ is selected in the Design section of the Design Panel.


Sales & Tax Reports

Preparing sales tax filings is not fun. But with the new Goodsie Sales & Tax reports, it’s certainly a lot easier to gather the correct sales tax data. And while graphs are wonderful for visualizing information, having access to all of your store’s key sales metrics in one simple table makes it possible to both view your metrics holistically and analyze performance in detail.

The Sales and Tax reports provide an itemized breakdown of all gross, taxable and non-taxable sales, product sales, shipping fees, taxes collected, sales discounts, items per order and more. The reports can be viewed for any date range and exported in .CSV format. They are located in the Stats > Reports section of the Global Navigation menu.

* Currently available for Premium or Pre-Pay (6 or 12 month) plans only.

Sales Report

Tax Report

Custom Page Not Found & Error Pages

Sometimes visitors land on a product page within your store that is no longer available. For example, it’s possible for a shopper to click on an old product link from Pinterest or Facebook that points to a hidden product with no inventory. To make it easy for prospective buyers to continue browsing your store without interruption and ensure search engine optimization, all Goodsie stores now have customizable Error and Page Not Found pages.

The error pages are located in the System Pages section of the Design Panel, link prominently to your store’s homepage by default and are easy to customize with a more personal message or specific product re-directs.

Paris Page Not Found

Luna Error Page

No Shopping Cart

You may want to display certain products on your site strictly for promotional purposes. Some products may sell better over the phone. For products that you may want to list on your site, but not actually sell directly through Goodsie, it’s now possible to turn off the Shopping Cart at the individual product level.

No Cart Option