Shipping Notifications with Tracking and Updates to Product Options & Exports

Shipping Notifications Emails

It’s now easy to send your customers shipping notification emails with delivery tracking once orders have shipped using Goodsie! Order tracking significantly improves the shopping experience and reduces customer support requests.


Once you have shipped an order, go to the order receipt and click on the Add Tracking Info button at the bottom of the receipt. This will open a modal window that allows you to pick a carrier (e.g. USPS, Fedex, UPS), enter the tracking #, and send a shipping notification with the order tracking information to your customer. Your customers will be able to click on the tracking link in the email to get delivery updates from the shipping carrier.

Product Options, Extras & Export Updates

We’ve updated the Product Options and Extras tables to support both Weight and Cost of Goods Sold (COGS). If you are using Weight-based shipping rules, you can now charge different shipping prices based on different product options and extras. The addition of COGS allows you to track gross profit at the individual product option and extra level, providing you with more granular profitability tracking and reporting for your business.


Since we’ve added Weight and COGS to the Product Options and Extras tables, we’ve made the corresponding updates to the various different Product and Statistics reports and data exports. Product Option and Extra COGS columns have been added to the Orders export, in addition to any specific coupon code that was used in the order. COGS, Gross Profit and Contribution Margin have been added to the Sales Report export. Finally, in the Product Statistics report, there is an option to get an in-depth Product Sales report which includes COGS.