Central Category Management & New Form Functionality

Centralized Category Management

Since categories are used in a wide variety of ways within Goodsie, working with a lot of them can quickly become cumbersome, even with the existing batch editing functionality.


To simplify category management, we’re introducing a centralized category system that makes it easy to add, delete, rename and merge categories.


The new category management system can be accessed by clicking on Categories in the Manage menu of the Global Navigation, right below Products.

New Ways to Use Forms


In order to address an even wider variety of use cases, Forms now support drop-down menus, radio buttons, multi-select checkboxes, file uploads and more powerful delivery date and time window functionality. Additionally, Forms can now be displayed anywhere on a site, rather than being tied directly to the product detail page or checkout flow. Drop-downs, radio buttons and date window functionality are pictured below.


The new form functionality can be accessed by clicking on Forms in the Manage menu of the Global Navigation, right above Orders.

As always, if you have any feedback or need help with the new category management and forms functionality, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@goodsie.com.