New Features: Sales and Tax Reports, Social Links and More

We are pleased to announce the release of Social Links, Sales & Tax reports, Custom Error Pages and the option to turn the shopping cart off at the product level. As always, we welcome your feedback!

Social Links

In addition to social sharing buttons (e.g. Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet, etc.), it’s now easy to add links to all of your social profiles with the new Social links module. The icon design is classic and clean, with both black and white versions that are ideal for any type of background color or image.

The Social links module is located in the Content section of the Design Panel. Icon size and margin can be set by clicking on any icon and making sure that ‘Social Icon Image’ is selected in the Design section of the Design Panel.



Tax on Shipping Costs

Although the laws often change, the following 18 states currently require tax to be charged on shipping costs:

ArkansasConnecticutFloridaGeorgiaIllinoisIndianaKansasMichiganMinnesotaMississippiMissouri, New Mexico, New YorkOhioTexasWashington, West Virginia, Wisconsin

States that require Tax on Shipping Costs are shaded Dark Blue on the map below:


As a reminder, tax is required when shipping to states where store owners have nexus, or a physical point of presence. The addition of tax on shipping costs is required when a store owner both has nexus in and is shipping to one of the 18 states listed above.


To ensure that Goodsie store owners are in compliance with tax law, it’s now possible to add tax on shipping costs at the individual tax rule level.

To change tax settings in the Goodsie admin, please visit


Increase Engagement and Sales with Email Marketing

About six months ago we released an integrated email marketing system for Goodsie. We checked in with some Goodsie storeowners to see how they’re using the system to create fully-branded, targeted emails for customers. Take a look below at the variety of beautiful newsletters sent by stores!

Spark and Pepper sends announcements for exclusive sales on limited-edition jewelry and paper goods included in the store’s Weekly Design Series.


Stripe Payments: Accepting Credit Cards Has Never Been Easier!

Accepting credit cards has traditionally been a complex process involving a confusing maze of payment processors, 3rd-party merchant accounts, complicated fee structures, lots of paperwork and a lengthy approval period. So we’re pleased to announce today the addition of Stripe to the list of available payment options on Goodsie. With Stripe, accepting credit cards has never been easier. Stripe takes care of the merchant account and charges a flat 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction, with discounts available for high volume sellers.


New Feature: Inventory Email Notifications

Retailers with high inventory turnover simply can’t afford to run out of stock and miss sales opportunities. To ensure that store owners are aware when product levels are getting low, we’re pleased to introduce an email inventory notification system for Premium Goodsie accounts. Sellers will now receive an email notification whenever any product or product variant (e.g. T-Shirt, XL T-Shirt or L Red T-Shirt) meets a predetermined stock level, and as soon as it’s out of stock too.

The inventory email notifications are located under Manage > Settings within the Goodsie navigation menu.

As always, we really appreciate feedback from the Goodsie community about new features. Please contact us via our help forum or email support @ to tell us about your experience with the new inventory email notifications.

New Feature: Multiple User Accounts & Permissions

To simplify account administration for businesses with more than one employee or project participant, we’re pleased to release multiple user account functionality and participant-level permissions for Premium Goodsie accounts.

Instead of multiple people sharing one set of login credentials and all having the same level of site access, the new multi-user feature makes it easy to add employees or contributors and administer user permissions for managing orders, products, store settings, lists, emails, coupons, users and statistics.

For example, store owners may only want the marketing team to manage products, lists, emails, and statistics, while the finance and operations people manage just the orders.

The user system is located under Manage > Settings > Users within the Goodsie navigation menu.

As always, we really appreciate feedback from the Goodsie community about newly released features. Please contact us via our help forum or email support @ to tell us about your experience with the new user account system.

New Features: Product Videos and Better Media Galleries

Product Videos

Having spent time working at Vimeo prior to Goodsie, our team has a deep appreciation for video’s immersive storytelling power as a communication medium. Video can be used to develop a uniquely rich and engaging brand narrative.

So we are pleased to introduce video support for products on Goodsie. Any video hosted on Vimeo or YouTube video can be seamlessly integrated into the product display experience simply by copying and pasting the video permalink into the products section of Goodsie.

Media Galleries

We’ve also improved the core media galleries that display product images and now video. Thumbnails are larger, the fullscreen light-boxes are sized to fit perfectly and media loads faster. The new media galleries even support swipe movements and use hardware optimized animations for ultra-smooth browsing on mobile and touch devices.


We always appreciate feedback from the Goodsie community about newly released features! Please contact us via our help forum or email support @ to tell us about your experience with the new product videos and media galleries.

New Feature: ShipStation Integration

The fulfillment of physical goods – picking, packing and shipping – can be an overwhelming, time consuming and unwieldy process, particularly as sales volume expands. Manual data entry, or worse, creating shipping labels by hand, can sour an otherwise enjoyable selling experience.

As part of our continuing mission to simplify online retail, we’ve partnered with ShipStation, a leading provider of automated shipping label solutions that is integrated with all three major U.S. shipping carriers – USPS, UPS and FedEx.

ShipStation’s streamlined shipping software saves countless hours, reduces costly errors and significantly increases your order processing capacity, all while minimizing labor requirements. It supports bulk shipping label and packaging slip printing, pick list reports, address validation, tailored customer messages, branded labels, returns management and real-time tracking information that can be emailed to customers.

To get started, you will need to create an account at ShipStation. Pricing starts at $25 per month for 500 shipments and includes a free Endicia account for use with USPS (valued at $15 per month). After opening a ShipStation account, go to the Plugins section in the Goodsie admin for information on connecting your accounts. The ShipStation integration is available for Goodsie Premium accounts only.

New Feature: Improved Shipping System

Since shipping products to customers is central to almost every successful retailer’s business, we have spent the past several months listening to your feedback and improving our shipping system. We’re very pleased to introduce a new shipping interface designed to simplify the relationship and hierarchy between shipping rules, groups and now rule combinations.

Shipping rules are used for cart or product fees and now, destination and weight rules. Does your business only ship domestically? Are you restricted from shipping to a particular local? It’s now easy to whitelist and block specific shipping destinations.

Groups make it easy to set up specific shipping rules that are only applied to certain products, as opposed to all of your products. They are ideal for sellers with different products, such as furniture or jewelry, where each product type requires a specific shipping rule. It’s also now possible to copy shipping rules and move them between groups.

Combination rules determine shipping rule priority for orders with products from different groups. For sellers with multiple groups, such as furniture or apparel, it’s now possible to ship orders with different products without having to apply multiple shipping rules to a single order and overcharge customers.

Let Us Know What You Think!

We are always happy to hear feedback from the Goodsie community about new features. Contact us via our help forum or email support @ to tell us about your experience with our new shipping system.

New Feature: Bulk Product Imports

Goodsie’s goal is simplicity in every aspect of setting up shop and selling online. We understand that adding and managing products can be time-consuming and, let’s face it, a bit of a pain. We’ve rolled out a new feature to help you spend less time listing products and more time getting them into the hands of your loving customers: product imports. You can now upload product information as a CSV or Excel (XLS) document, automatically creating new listings from the data you provide. What’s more, the product import tool can be used to update existing listings in a single batch action — a great option for updating inventory after making real-world sales at events and in stores. Just create a document that lists your updated quantities and import in one click from the Products page. All of your products will be updated to reflect current quantities. A full overview of product imports can be found in our Knowledge Base.