New on Goodsie: Pinterest and Tumblr Sharing

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added Pinterest and Tumblr to our sharing options on Goodsie.

If somehow you haven’t heard of it yet, Pinterest is an image sharing service that lets you organize and share beautiful things you find on the web — like wonderful products from Goodsie-powered stores.

Enabling the Pin It button in your store will allow customers to more easily share images of your products with others in the Pinterest community, helping to spread the word and drive traffic back to your storefront.

We have also added a Tumblr button for quick and easy sharing on the popular blogging platform.

Pinterest and Tumblr sharing options are automatically enabled for all new stores. Existing storeowners can enable these options under Store > Share in the Design Panel. You can also now customize the “Share” label and opt to display share buttons directly within a product’s Details view or together in a popup.

As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email support @ or post to our forums at Enjoy!

New on Goodsie: Email Marketing, Sales Analytics, Mobile, and Premium Accounts

We’re pleased to announce the release of new tools that help retailers improve business decision-making and increase customer engagement, supporting the growth of small retailers with big business needs.

The new features include an integrated email marketing system and in-depth sales analytics, and expand the scope of Goodsie from commerce into outbound marketing and business intelligence. A new mobile-optimized layout ensures that Goodsie storefronts look and feel just as stunning on mobile as on a desktop.

Email Marketing

Email is the most direct and effective marketing channel for increasing brand engagement and purchases. Traditionally, the process of creating a newsletter and managing a contact list has been complex. Goodsie takes away this hassle, integrating this complete functionality in a new email marketing feature. Finally, sending beautiful targeted email campaigns is easy and affordable for everyone.

Integrated seamlessly with the Goodsie shopping cart and order database, the new email marketing system allows retailers to send targeted campaigns to customers based on order history, purchase amount and geography. The intuitive, drag-and-drop design interface makes it easy to create rich and sophisticated emails -– functionality many enterprise-grade CRM systems lack. List management is handled automatically and emails are delivered reliably by Campaign Monitor, a leading provider of email software.

Sales Analytics

Having access to up-to-the-minute key sales metrics is a fundamental part of growing a successful online retail business. Traffic analytics such as unique visitors, time on site and bounce rate, while helpful, are only part of the equation. Our new real-time sales analytics provide granular data and clean graphs for tracking revenue and order volume by product, geography, referring source and sales channel (e.g. direct, Facebook Store). Sellers gain better understanding of their buyers’ shopping habits through conversion metrics for repeat purchase rates, coupon redemption, and product-level click-through rates.

Analyzing sales data is often a tedious and challenging process for sellers. While traditionally used by large retailers, sales analytics tools are equally important to the small business owner, though many in the market today are unaffordable for smaller retailers. The new Goodsie sales analytics tool gives retailers a powerful way to understand business data in real-time — without the cost of investing in an enterprise-level platform.

Mobile Optimization

Goodsie storeowners can now customize the look and feel of their storefronts for mobile devices, opening up new sales opportunities to customers who like to shop on the go. The entire commerce experience works natively on all mobile browsers and devices, allowing the buyer to purchase directly from the mobile optimized website, without having to download an app for every store.

Pricing and Availability

Sales analytics and email marketing are both available with the new Premium account level on Goodsie, priced at $40 per month. These are just the first in a growing set of in-depth features that will be available only to Premium users.

Starting today, all existing users will have access to Premium for 30 days for free. In addition, all new users from today forward will have access to Premium features during their initial 30-day trial.

Mobile optimization is available to all account levels.

New on Goodsie: Fonts, Fonts, Fonts!

Few elements are more fundamental to a website’s design aesthetic than typography. Together with color, fonts set the emotional tone and define the visual look and feel.

As champions of a more beautiful Internet, we are excited to announce that Goodsie’s font library now includes 222 different fonts, including some lovely selections from MyFonts.  

What’s more, all 222 fonts can now be used for content as well as title text, giving you new ways to mix and match styles and create a look that sets your store apart from the rest. Log in to Goodsie today to check them out and personalize your shop!

Site Update: New Admin Interface

Since launching in May 2011 (about 9 months ago), we’ve added coupons, Facebook storefronts, SoundCloud integration, shipping groups, embeds and more to Goodsie — and the planned product roadmap for 2012 and beyond is even more ambitious! To accommodate this feature growth, we have released a redesign of the Goodsie admin, live today.

Our goals were to open up the visual canvas, streamline the navigation and focus the experience. We’ve increased the interface viewing area by 50% and every section of the site can be reached in one click via the new navigation menu. The new design should make the admin area feel more organized, balanced and clear.

As always, we welcome your feedback and are available to help with any questions or issues.

New Features: Order and Product Data Exports and SEO Improvements

Product and Order Data Exports

We know that keeping track of inventory, orders and shipments can be a tricky and not-so-glamorous process. To help keep your store management experience as hassle-free as possible, we now offer a CSV export option for both order history and product data. Shipping and product details can be viewed in a single document and used with third-party systems for accounting, fulfillment and more.

To get started, go to the Orders and Products section of your admin dashboard and click on the new Export buttons in the upper right. Learn more in our Knowledge Base and feel free to write to with your feedback and share how you’re using your exports!

SEO Improvements

We’ve also recently made improvements to Search Engine Optimization across the platform to help improve the ranking of Goodsie-hosted stores in search results. This set of improvements included a number of changes behind the scenes, including changes to the errors returned for disabled stores and invalid pages, using canonical links to avoid duplicate content issues, using a product’s title and description for the product page’s meta description, and supporting Rich Snippets.

New Feature: Developer API

Today, we are excited to release the Goodsie Developer API, which has comprehensive read support for Products, Order History, Coupons, Pages and most other aspects of the Goodsie system. The API is ideal for use with 3rd-party accounting and shipping systems, or to enable more sophisticated off-site integrations with websites or blogs.

The API is JSON-based and RESTful, uses OAuth 2.0 for authentication and allows other applications to access and manipulate resources associated with a Goodsie store over HTTP. Store resources are currently exposed to the GET HTTP method. Future versions of the API will support PUT, POST, and DELETE functionality.

The API is currently available on a free trial basis for a limited time to all Goodsie store owners and partners. To access the API and register for a developer key, please visit

New Features: Design Customization Improvements and Single-Use Coupons

We’ve made it easy to promote your store through daily deal sites such as Groupon, Living Social, Eversave and others, which require a series of single-use coupon codes from participating businesses.

If you have partnered with this type of service, you can now easily create batches of single-use coupon codes with Goodsie.

Log in to the Coupons menu, select Add a Coupon, select the “Generate multiple single-use codes” option, and check “Email my codes to me” to receive the codes in your inbox. That’s it!

Single-use coupons can also be used as gift certificates, rewards for specific customers, and more.

More Ways to Customize

In our never ending quest to improve the design customization on Goodsie, we have released support for more granular font size control, layout effects, six-column product displays and custom background colors for pages.

Background images are a great way to fully brand your shop. Sometimes, though, a colorful or intricate background that works beautifully for product pages can interfere with legibility behind plain text or location lists. To help, we’ve introduced a new Pages option in the Color menu, making it easy to apply a custom background color behind pages and maps.

Further increasing legibility, page and product listing font sizes can now be increased and more closely controlled in the Fonts menu.

To give your shop a truly stand-out look, we’ve added an Effects menu, with options for rounded corners on product thumbnails, plus shadow effects.

Lastly, store owners can display even more products per page, thanks an additional column option under Design > Products in the Design Panel.

New Features: Facebook Stores, Credit Card Payments & Tax Groups

Today we’re pleased to announce the introduction of direct credit card payments, more robust tax tools and Facebook storefronts. and Braintree Payment Gateways

Goodsie now supports the and Braintree payment platforms, allowing store owners to accept major credit cards directly during checkout.

If you aren’t a registered merchant already, apply to and Braintree today to give your customers even more easy options for payment during the holiday rush. (Note that additional fees apply.)

Tax Groups

Nobody likes thinking about taxes, so we’re adding tools to help you bother with it less. Does your state require that jewelry and clothing be taxed at different rates? Tax Groups make it easy to apply rates by product type.

Set up the rate, assign matching products to the Tax Group, and you’re set!

Facebook Storefronts

Goodsie store owners can now extend their reach to the millions of users on Facebook quickly, easily, and at no extra cost.

Our beautiful new Facebook storefront app allows customers to browse, add products to the cart and proceed to checkout directly from your brand’s Facebook page. Your store design is neatly integrated with Facebook, creating a seamless shopping experience.

Try it now under the new Facebook menu on Goodsie. Just authorize, enable, and your shop is live on Facebook. Any changes you make on Goodsie will be automatically reflected in the Facebook storefront.

New Features: Keyword Search & Store Finder with Map

Continuing the previous theme of making it easy to browse and find products, we are pleased to announce support for Keyword Search and Store Finder with Maps on Goodsie stores!

First, consumers can now search for products by keyword over product titles, descriptions and SKUs, with support for product options and extras on the way soon.

Keyword search is turned on by default. To turn it off, go to: Design Panel > Store > Global.

Second, we understand that for multi-channel retailers whose offline sales are important to their business, driving awareness to ‘brick-and-mortar’ locations where consumers can buy product is key to having a successful online presence. To that end, we have developed a new feature, inspired by the elegance of Tiffany & Co.’s location finderwhich makes it possible to create a Google Maps-based Store Finder on Goodsie stores! The maps support nearest location look-up by zip code, interactive navigation and zoom, with deep-linked Google Maps search.

To add a store finder / map, go to: Design Panel > Pages > Add > Map.

Online, or offline, Goodsie is there.

New Feature: Filters For Browsing!

Consumers expect to find what they’re looking for with ease when shopping online. Browsing by size, color, category, gender and more should be standard fare.

To that end, we’re pleased to announce support for product filtering on Goodsie! It’s now possible to display “browse by” filters that make finding products in your store a breeze.

To turn product filters on, open the Design Controller, go to Pages > Manage and click on the pencil icon next to the Home Page. Check options under Filters to display as “browse by” drop-down menus on the storefront.